Our Practice Areas

Randall Law Offices focuses our practice exclusively in the areas of

  • Estate Planning,
  • Business Services, and
  • Elder Law

We assist clients looking to plan for themselves and their loved ones. We work with folks from the very young to the very old and from modest means estates through larger estates. We work to learn first about our clients' goals and then to co-create a plan that will work to meet those goals.

Examples of planning goals we might help our clients achieve include the following:

  • We recently celebrated our youngest child's graduation from college and are ready for a new chapter in our lives.
  • We are young professionals looking to create our first plan to take care of our family.
  • We have retirement plans through work and want to know how to coordinate those with an estate plan.
  • We have a great relationship with our financial advisor but have never formed a relationship with an attorney.
  • We have an old, out-dated estate plan that could use a review or an update.
  • We are concerned that we might outlive our savings.
  • We need to coordinate our business succession planning with our estate plan.
  • We want a plan to take care of our family in case one or both of us become disabled.

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