Zach Deery

Zach Deery

Zach is one of our law clerks and a current law student at IU McKinney School of Law. Zach earned a degree in Economics from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. After graduating, he moved to Indianapolis to begin his professional career working in finance. As he continued to develop his financial background, Zach also started a small real estate business in Indianapolis he continues to run with his wife. During this time, he saw the value created for clients in creating and executing plans for their financial portfolios, and for his own business in staying organized and compliant.

As Zach transitioned to a career in law, he knew he would like to continue to help people develop strategies for their estate and business plans. He believes in the value of thinking ahead and having someone continuously working with you implementing your plan. People will always face adversity. Zach realized preparation and effective counsel allows for people to spend less time worrying about unsettled affairs and more time with their loved ones during difficult times.

Outside of school and the office, Zach spends most of his time with his wife. They are avid travelers and have visited five continents. While at home, they like taking their dog on walks around town, visiting and hiking in different parks, and trying out all the restaurants in Indianapolis.

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